Nothing says it better than our clients. Here's what they had to say

Sarah G. - August-2013
Dr. Gamal did a great job and encouraged others to get involved. He made it very interactive.

Susanna K. - July-2013
The instructor was well prepared and very experienced in the topic presented.

Sean R. - July-2013
The Instructor was very helpful and encouraged us to answer questions. He also provided really good feedback.

Cliff R. - July-2013
The Instructor's passion, enthusiasm and reinforcement of the material truly caused for learning, as opposed to mere 'attendance'.

Fahad A. - February-2013
Just wanted to inform you that I have passed my test. Thanks for the course, the notes were very helpful. [NPPE - Jan 2013]

Selina F. - September-2011
Thank you for your tutoring. I passed my exam and have just recently submitted my application for P.Eng.

Michael V. - July-2011
I took the ethics engineering exam preparation course this past weekend and i just wanted to send [the instructor] a note that I really enjoyed taking the 2 day course he taught and now because of his instruction I am now confident towards taking

Paul B. - June-2011
Instructor is clear, well versed in the material and knowledgeable about the topic. The course filled in gaps in knowledge and reinforced important concepts. The fact that the instructor has current practical experience is an excellent point.

Neel D. - May-2011
I took the 2 day class with you in GIC in Edmonton for the preparation of April 18th NPPE examination. I am very happy to inform you that I have passed the test in my first attempt. Your course notes/slides and classroom discussions with mock exam

Sergei S. - May-2011
Thank you very much for your help. Finally I got my exam result and I passed it with marks of 78%. Now I'll have my PEng registration.

Tim M. - April-2011
Thank you for the wonderful course. The amount of data, way of communication and knowledge of the topics were just rightly transferred to the audience in a nice, polite and highly professional level.

Taurick H. - March-2011
Very informative and interesting course. Topics were relevant and the interactive educational model worked well. [Resolving Conflict in the Construction Project Environment]

Zeinab S. - February-2011
The course was comprehensive and intensive, very useful and informative.

Don P. - February-2011
Instructor very knowledgeable world expert. I enjoyed the course and found the material very current and appropriate for my field of work.

B.R. - February-2011
Very engaging and interesting (Dr. Fellenius) quite an honour to be in this course.

Saqib S. - December-2010
I appeared in the October exam and was declared successful in first attempt. Your course helped me to focus on my preparation especially in understanding what will be expected from me during the exam. The course was worth the time and money spent.

Sheng L. - December-2010
I am pleased to tell you I had passed the October Exam, 2010. [NPPE - October 2010]

Nancy A. - December-2010
I found out recently that I passed the NPP exam. I believe your course definitely helped me pass the exam. [NPPE - October 2010]

Desmond L. - September-2010
The exam prep was good, I wish I took this before writing the test first time. It really helped me to prioritize which chapters and materials to study since there were a LOT of chapters in the books. [NPPE - July 2010]

Arnel A. - September-2010
I am pleased to inform you that I passed the July NPPE Examination. Thank you very much for the best effort and time to discuss and explain and simplify the meaning/legal term during my training last April 2010. [NPPE - July 2010]

Saad T. - September-2010
I'm pleased to inform you that I have passed the test. I'm glad that I attended the workshop. [NPPE - July 2010]

Muhamad A.K. - September-2010
Thanks for your course & it is good for the new candidates who is appearing first time in this exam. I have passed my exam. [NPPE - July 2010]

Derek - September-2010
Passed the exam. Course was very helpful in prep for exam! [NPPE - July 2010]

Jeong S. - September-2010
I have passed the exam. Thank you for the excellent course from which I learned what I would prepare for the exam. [NPPE - July 2010]

Cesar M. - September-2010
The course of preparation for the NPP Exam was very helpful, I passed the exam!!! Thank you for the help and I would encourage anyone that will take the Exam to take this course. [NPPE - July 2010]

Luis M. - May-2010
I would like to inform you I passed the NPPE I took on April 19, 2010. The two day course you taught us definitively help me a lot in the way to reinforce my reading/study I did previously. The exam was almost all case analysis and you needed to

Soraya K. - May-2010
I need to thank you for the excellent services that you provide to me. I did not have time to read all the books for the exam but the explaniation in the course was excellent that helped me to pass the exam. [NPPE - April 2010]

Viren S. - May-2010
I am pleased to advise that I passed the NPPE examination and would like to thank you for the effort made during our presentation. [NPPE - April 2010]

Maha A. - June-2010
Most excellent learning experience ever had, very rich with academic concepts, many practical problems presented, learned much from the interaction and discussions between colleagues and instructor, Mastered foundations design with Professor Hesham

Mohammad N. - May-2010
It was my second time that I wrote this exam on April. In my first experience not only I did not spend enough time to read the materials ,but also did not understand the logic behind these topics. I got a better understanding through this open

D.S. - May-2010
Just want to inform you that I got my results & passed the NPPE Exam of April 2010. Please accept my thanks for all your help and support.

Julio B. - April-2010
Instructor very well versed on the subject. Good audience management. Patient. (Professional Practice Exam Preparation)

Luis M. - April-2010
[Instructor was] very well prepared & Excellent Experience in Teaching. (Professional Practice Exam Preparation)

Tomas L. - April-2010
Very knowledgeable instructor and open to comments and discussions. (Professional Practice Exam Preparation)

Daniel A. - April-2010
Instructor/Course was very good and help a lot to understand the concepts developed in all the related books. (Professional Practice Exam Preparation)

Ray H. - March-2010
Instructor: very knowledgeable, very interesting. Course: great source of information, good background information.

Greg B. - March-2010
Dr. El-Rabbany is a skilled lecturer with a thorough knowledge of the subject.

Maha A. - December-2009
Everything was well organized, and the work environment was very comfortable. The instructor was very professional, knowledgeable and he did amazing job in two days in terms of making things clear, detailed and enjoyable at the same time, also in

Paul A. - October-2009
Dr. Richard Beifuss was excellent. His receptivity to student questions and knowledge of course material is second to none.

Darko P. - July-2009
I just want to inform you that I have passed an Engineering Economics exam and I am registered as a Professional Engineer now. Your course for NPPE preparation was a great help, and while I was preparing economics, I realized I should had

Kevin - March-2009
As first time course with you, I learned a great deal. Quite in depth technical info. A lot of materials covered in two days.

Chell - March-2009
Gamal was very easy to listen to and kept my interest highest. Excellent speaker.

Jeannie - March-2009
Very impressed with speaker’s knowledge on the subjects covered and his ability to convey complex concepts in easy to understand language.

Wayne - March-2009
Very knowledgeable and took time to answer questions. Material was not only “academic” but included practical aspects. Participation and examples to actually work through in class was very good.

Azza - March-2009
Enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot. The speaker was keen that no one was left behind. Great knowledge of topics. Will take another course with Dr. Abdelaziz

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