7409 - Plant Auxiliary Systems


Learning Objectives:- Typical arrangements of steam systems including main steam, reheat steam, extraction steam, and auxiliary steam.- Procedure for warming and charging a steam line.- Operation of steam line drains, and traps.- Allowance for expansion in pipe routing and configuration.- Applications of extraction steam.- Routing of extraction steam line drains.- Sources and applications of auxiliary steam.- Pressure reducing stations and desuperheating stations.- The function of the condensate and feedwater system.- Addition of heat to condensate and feedwater.- Pumping arrangements, i.e. condensate pump and boiler feedpump.- Control of feedwater flow to boiler, i.e. variable speed drive or modulating feedwater control valve.- Feedwater control valve arrangements.- Feedwater pump recirculating line.- Procedures for preparing a feedwater pump for stand-by service.- Hotwell level control by make-up or overflow.- Control of deaerator level.- Function of the condensate fill pump (also known as boiler fill pump).- Construction and operation of closed feedwater heaters.- Venting arrangements from feedwater heaters.- Routing and control of condensate drains from closed heaters.- Protection against high-level condensate in feedwater heaters.- The function and operation of the deaerator.- Venting of pipework and equipment before start-up. - Typical arrangements and characteristics of: 1. Closed circuit bearing cooling water system. 2. Circulating water (CW) systems. 3. Service water systems. 4. Fire protection systems.- Auxiliary plant power supply bus arrangements.- Sources of station service supply.- Black start capability and capacity.- Procedures for transfer of station service supply on unit trip.- Typical arrangement for supply and application of DC power.- UPS systems.


The objective of this module is to present and discuss typical arrangements of plant systems and auxiliary equipment, all of which fulfil a specific function and need in power plant operation.THIS COURSE DOES NOT CURRENTLY QUALIFY FOR NERC CE CREDITS.


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