Need a Canada Government Grant (ESDC)?

Jumpstart your training with the help of Global Innovative Campus (GIC-Canada) & the Canada Job Grant. GIC will provide your organization with quality instruction while the Canada Job Grant will cover up to two thirds* of your training costs.

*conditions apply

GIC aims to provide the highest quality professional development training in the engineering, business, and project management fields. Our mission is to meet the needs of a modern twenty-first century society by producing a more knowledgeable and productive workforce. We also strive to make education and professional development more accessible to both the flourishing and seasoned professional. This mission we aim to achieve through a highly knowledgeable and experienced staff and through various traditional and information-age technology modes of delivery.

GIC offers an array of courses; however, in addition to these existing training programs, GIC can customize a training program to your organization’s needs. GIC is flexible and versatile. We aim to cater to any organization’s training goals. 

While the Canada Job Grant is a way for employers and governments to support training that leads directly to available jobs or increases workers' ability to retain jobs. Employers know what training is required for the jobs they need to fill. Through the program, employers participate in the training decisions that will equip their current and future workers with the skills they need to fill available jobs. The grant supports new training initiatives not currently being used by employers.

To be eligible for the grant there are a few conditions that must be met: the employer and employee(s), training provider and training program must all meet eligibility criteria outlined by the grant. Please visit the Canada Job Grant website for the details. In addition to determining eligibility the process can be summarized to the following:

  1. Identify employee training needs
  2. Select a training provider
  3. Submit application
  4. Pay for training now or after grant approval
  5. Receive decision and reference #
  6. Begin training
  7. Submit reimbursement form and all training receipts
  8. Receive partial reimbursement
  9. Employee gets training credential
  10. Submit completion form
  11. Receive remainder of reimbursement

For further details and region specific information please visit:

Should you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at . We also aid in the application process, just contact us and we would be happy to help you apply!

Need a Government Grant?
Employment and Social Development Canada Grant

Jumpstart your training with the help of Global Innovative Campus (GIC-Canada) & the Canada Job Grant.

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