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With demand for trained workers outstripping international supply, and with increased technological complexity in the workplace, new recruits must quickly and safely acquire and demonstrate the competencies necessary to perform critical tasks to an industry-defined standard. The Service Rig Training provides a cost-effective, reliable, consistent solution that will get your new workers on the job sooner and with fewer costly incidents.

The Canadian service rig industry experiences an accident rate of approximately 50% for new hires in the first three months of employment. This figure drops to about 5% by six months.

"Using new workers trained on the Service Rig Trainer is like getting a worker with six months experience." (These are the) “best prepared new workers ever to set foot on a service rig.”

~ Shawn Primosch
Rig Manager, Concord Well Servicing

The Service Rig Training enables workers to learn in a safe environment at an accelerated pace, increasing retention, confidence and - most importantly - competence.

Launched in 2007, the Service Rig Training includes complete modules for Junior Floor Hand, Senior Floor Hand, Derrick Hand and Operator. In addition to almost 60 competency-based work methods for each of the four positions, the program includes an illustrated, interactive glossary of over 700 service rig industry terms. The Service Rig Training is available for the American service rig industry, and will soon be available for Spanish speaking countries.

Compliance with OHSA and other regulatory bodies requires competency. SRT accelerates the learning curve, bringing workers to competency more quickly. With tracked learning and assessment, and documented field competency validation, you are able to demonstrate the most rigorous due diligence around workforce training. As a competency based program, The Service Rig Training ensures a consistent and effective training standard for your staff. New workers will be productive sooner, experienced hands will spend less time training and more time working, and everyone will be safer and have a greater understanding of what’s expected of them. Consequently, safety and earnings will be maximized as downtime and liability shrink.

Needing only a computer with an internet connection, the Service Rig Training can be completed almost anywhere and requires minimal supervision, freeing up your experienced staff.

Using a combination of traditional learning methods and advanced first person immersive gaming technology, workers trained on the Service Rig Training will demonstrate competence by performing the tasks they’ll be expected to perform before EVER setting foot on your job-site.

Students watch an instructional video, then complete a quiz, establishing a basic understanding of the competencies they are about to learn in the simulation. In the simulation, a virtual coach guides the student through the procedure, offering feedback where appropriate. Once the student is comfortable with the procedure, he can choose to enter assessment mode, where no virtual coach is available, and his performance results are stored in our data base.

Every trainee’s performance is tracked and recorded on our servers, so you have a permanent record of who has trained on what, and maybe even more importantly, who has demonstrated COMPETENCE in any given task.

The Service Rig Training offers the following features and benefits:

  • State of the art, 3D interactive environment
  • Mobile training solution
  • Self-paced learning
  • Greater retention rate than traditional training methods
  • Subject Matter Expert developed work methods
  • Competency based training
  • Safe-Fail training environment
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced downtime
  • Validation Tool
  • Ongoing tracking of employee training


Once you have completed the course registration, an email will follow shortly containing a web link as well as a username and password in order to login for the training.

Upon successful completion of the web training you will receive a certificate of completion.

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