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Professional Development Distance Program (PDDP) - Scroll Down For Schedule

PDDP Courses are the In-class Public courses offered via Distance through GIC Online ( These courses are taught with the same instructor who normally teaches the In-class course. The instructors have signed a particular contract to state that they are willing to offer their courses via in a Distance format. These types of courses can run between 2-8 weeks depending on the amount of days they are normally offered for. It is comprised of weekly notes and assignments that the student must complete and a weekly one hour video conference session to address any questions from the student (if needed). Each course is usually one on one between a student and instructor, but there can be more if many people register at once. The course starting date is usually based on instructor availability or can be scheduled for a specific date by GIC.

Distance Format:

To deliver this course with minimal impact to a professional’s busy work schedule, we have developed a distance learning format.

Each course is based on the following format:

  1. Weekly lecture notes
  2. Weekly Assignments
  3. 1 hr web conference (if required, not accumulative) - usually after hours
  4. Student Evaluation* (pass/fail) - the format is up to each instructor
  5. Certificate is issued upon completion

* Formats for Student Evaluation can be multiple choice quiz, solving equation, short answer, or other including combination. The selected method will be integrated into the LMS for automatic grading if preferred.

Please Note: Communication between student and instructor is recorded via instructor email ( and discussion forums within online platform.

Length of Course

  • # CEU/PDUEquivalent Live InstructionDistance Format
  • 0.6 CEUs / 9 PDUs = (6 hrs of Live Instruction) = 2 weeks distance format
  • 1.2 CEUs / 12 PDUs = (12 hrs of Live Instruction) = 3 weeks distance format
  • 1.8 CEUs / 18 PDUs = (18 hrs of Live Instruction) = 4‐5 weeks distance format
  • 2.4 CEUs / 24 PDUs = (24 hrs of Live Instruction) = 5‐6 weeks distance format
  • 3.0 CEUs / 30 PDUs= (30 hrs of Live Instruction) =6‐8 weeks distance format

(Times are approximate and subject to change for specific courses)

Classroom Web Application Format 

If there are 5+ students then a 1-3 hour group webinar on weekends once a week for the duration will be offered.


  • Highly qualified instructor
  • Discussion Forum Access
  • Technical support
  • All course material and printed notes for each person enrolled (if available)
  • Web LMS Access

List of Available Distance Courses Scheduled

In-house/Onsite Training

Seminars and Workshops offered within your organization anywhere in the world.


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