Distance - Hydrology and Municipal Hydraulics Engineering (18-Env-A2)


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Course Description:

18-Env-A2 Hydrology and Municipal Hydraulics Engineering

Components and processes of natural hydrologic systems. Precipitation and snow melt, runoff, infiltration, storm frequency and duration analysis, conceptual models of runoff, stream flow and hydrograph analysis, frequency and probability with application to precipitation, floods and droughts; evaporation and evapotranspiration. Hydraulics of closed pipe systems and open channel flow including flow under uniform and gradually varied conditions, sediment transport. Water distribution systems, storage reservoirs and wastewater collection systems, pipe networks and network design, sanitary sewer and storm water collection system design, basic pumps/prime movers, urban drainage and runoff control. Climate change, its impact on the design of drainage systems and the need for integration of ecological considerations.

Recommended Text(s):
  • N/A Water Environment Federation, N/A American Society of Civil Engineers/ Environmental & Water Resources Institute, Design of Urban Stormwater Controls, MOP 23, published: May 8th 2012 ISBN: 9780071704441
  • N/A Water Environment Federation, Prevention and Control of Sewer System Overflows, 3e ‐ MOP FD‐17, published: July 19th 2011, ISBN: 9780071738606 Wanielista, M., Kersten, R., and R. Eaglin.. Hydrology: Water Quantity and Quality Control. Wiley Interscience, 1996. ISBN: 0471072591
  • Zipparro, V.J., Davis’ Handbook of Applied Hydraulics Fourth Edition. McGraw Hill, 1993. ISBN: 0070730024
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  • A one hour video-conference session will be conducted by your instructor each week. The objective of this session is to assist in solving the assignments as well as answer student questions that should be sent to instructor early enough prior to the meeting time. In addition with being able to communicate with the instructor, you will also be able to communicate with other students in the same class and watch their questions answered as well. A high speed internet connection is strongly recommended for this feature.
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  • Upon completion of the assignments, you will be sent a final exam. It is recommended that you try to simulate the actual exam conditions (i.e., no aids and a time limit) when writing it. You will then submit this final exam for review and marking. 
  • To gain the most from your course, it is highly recommended that you participate fully in all discussions and assignments.  Please remember that each course has 8-12 weeks duration and set dates for assignments to be submitted and a set date to submit the final exam. You will be informed of these dates when you receive the course schedule.

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Course Materials

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